Sunday, 7 April 2013

Notes for ALL & A recap

Thank you Dr Yeap Ban Har!
It has indeed been a fruitful and interesting journey on the concepts of Mathematics.
I have learn so much within the 6 days and I wished you were my Mathematics teacher because probably I would love and do better in Mathematics.
Nevertheless, I hope to be able to plan better Mathematics Lesson and help children in Mathematics.

When Planning a Lesson:
  •  What do i want the children to learn? ( Learning goal)
  •  How do I know? (Assessment)
  •  What if they cant? ( Revisit the process, using concrete)
  •  What if the already can? ( Enrichment)
4 Teaching Strategies
  1. Modelling (Show)
  2. Scaffolding (don't show) (get the child to do and as a Teacher, we will help the child)
  3. Children do it themself
  4. If children cannot, go back to scaffolding.
5 Big Ideas
  1. Visualisation
  2. Pattern
  3. Number Sense (the human ability to make decision)
  4. Communication
  5. Metacognition

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